How can a DWI affect your car insurance in Texas?

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) can have a major impact on car insurance in Texas, as it is illegal in the state. If a person is convicted of DWI, their car insurance premiums may go up significantly due to the increased risk associated with someone who has broken the law.


Drivers convicted of DWI may be required to carry higher liability limits on their auto policy, pay additional fees and surcharges, and may even be required to file an SR-22 form with the state. Car insurance companies may also decide to non-renew or cancel coverage entirely for drivers convicted of DWI.

Not only do drivers who are convicted of DWI face potential increases in their car insurance premiums, but they also face other penalties including license suspension or revocation, fines, and jail time. When someone’s license is suspended or revoked due to a DWI conviction, they will be unable to legally drive and must take steps such as filing an SR-22 form in order to regain their driving privileges, or file for an occupational license.

Those who are able to obtain coverage after being convicted of DWI will likely face high premiums for many years afterward due to the increased risk associated with them being labeled as a high-risk driver by insurers.

Even if someone isn’t charged with a crime, their insurer might view them as a higher-risk customer and raise their premiums accordingly.

Ultimately, anyone convicted of DWI in Texas faces significant financial consequences including potentially much higher auto insurance costs for years following the offense.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a type of certificate or form that is filed by an insurance company to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) on behalf of a driver in order to prove that they have liability insurance.

This is typically used for high-risk drivers who are required to maintain coverage in order to keep their license valid. The SR-22 serves as proof that the driver has purchased liability insurance and will remain covered for the specified period of time.

In most cases, the SR-22 must be filed for three consecutive years in order for the driver’s license to remain valid.

The SR-22 is often referred to as a “certificate of financial responsibility” and provides evidence that a driver has the necessary level of auto liability insurance coverage.

Do I Need An Sr-22 After An Alcohol-related Driving Arrest?

Probably. If you have been arrested for an alcohol-related driving offense in Texas, then the answer to your question is yes–you may need an SR-22 car insurance policy.

In Texas, an SR-22 is a special type of automobile liability insurance document that proves to the state that you are carrying the required minimum amount of liability insurance.

After an alcohol-related driving arrest, the court may require you to purchase and maintain an SR-22 car insurance policy for up to three years as part of your punishment.

An SR-22 certifies that you have met your state’s car insurance requirements and serves as proof of financial responsibility.

If you have any questions or concerns about purchasing or maintaining an SR-22 policy in Texas after being charged with a DUI/DWI offense, speak with your lawyer or car insurance provider right away.

Do I still need an SR-22 certificate if I don’t own a vehicle?

No, you do not need an SR-22 certificate if you don’t own a vehicle in Texas.

An SR-22 certificate is essentially a form of car insurance and/or financial responsibility that is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) when an individual has been involved in certain types of incidents such as traffic violations, license suspensions, and more.

Even if you have previously owned a car and had an SR-22 certificate, it will most likely become void when the car is sold or disposed of.

The requirements for obtaining an SR-22 vary from state to state, so make sure to check with your local Department of Public Safety (DPS) before taking any steps toward obtaining one.

Will my car insurance go up if I need an SR-22?

Whether your car insurance premiums will go up or not if you need an SR-22 in the state of Texas is dependent on a number of factors.

Your individual car insurance carrier and the circumstances which led to you requiring an SR-22 filing will both play a role in determining how much your premiums increase.

An SR-22 is a type of financial responsibility certificate usually required by the state when someone has been convicted of certain offenses. It certifies that the driver has active liability insurance coverage that meets the minimum requirements for his or her state.

In Texas, these offenses may include driving without car insurance, driving under the influence (DUI) convictions, or other serious moving violations such as reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter.

It is important to note that in order for an insurer to provide coverage for an individual who requires an SR-22 filing, they will most likely charge higher premiums – this is because these individuals are seen as higher-risk drivers and therefore require additional protection against costly claims.

Generally speaking, if you are required to carry an SR-22, expect a 10% to 25% increase in your annual premiums compared to what you were previously paying – this could mean additional hundreds of dollars each year in car insurance costs.

In short, having to file an SR-22 in Texas could result in a significant rise in your car insurance premiums.

As such, it’s important for anyone who needs an SR-22 filing in Texas (or any other location) to compare rates from multiple insurers and talk openly with their provider about their specific situation so they can make sure they’re getting the best possible deal on their car insurance coverage while remaining compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

What type of auto insurance must I maintain after DWI arrest?

After an arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), the state in which you live will require you to maintain certain minimum levels of car insurance coverage. This is commonly referred to as SR-22 car insurance, and it’s a form of financial protection for other motorists on the road from liability if you cause an accident due to your intoxicated driving.

The exact requirements for SR-22 car insurance vary from state to state, but typically include bodily injury liability (BIL) and property damage liability (PDL) coverage with minimum limits that are generally higher than what is required for regular auto insurance coverage.

Some states may also require uninsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage and/or medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP). Depending on your individual circumstances, you may also be required to purchase additional coverage beyond these minimums.

Will my auto insurance go down if I install an ignition interlock device after DWI arrest?

Installing an ignition interlock device after a DWI arrest can indeed lead to lower car insurance rates, though the extent of that reduction depends on a variety of factors, including the severity of the offense, the car insurance company’s policies, and your driving record.

Ultimately, installing an ignition interlock device may help to reduce car insurance costs as well as keep everyone safer in the long run.

What is an ignition interlock device?

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a breathalyzer-type machine that prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking.

DWI Texas requires all drivers convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) to install an IID in their vehicles for a period of time.

An IID works by having the driver blow into the device before starting their car. If the breath sample registers a blood alcohol content (BAC) above the pre-set limit – usually 0.02% – then the vehicle won’t start.

In addition, random rolling retests require that drivers submit to breathalyzer tests while driving, and if they fail they will be unable to continue operating their vehicle until they pass another test.

Car insurance companies view DWI/DUI convictions in much the same way as any other reckless behavior behind the wheel, so depending on your company’s policy you could face significantly higher premiums or even revocation of coverage altogether if you are convicted of drunk driving in Texas.

The installation of an IID could potentially help lower your premiums after being convicted since it shows that you are taking steps to prevent such behavior from recurring in the future.

However, many car insurance providers may still see your conviction as an indicator of heightened risk and charge a higher rate regardless of any mitigating factors such as installing an IID.

Which Drivers are most likely to be required to obtain an SR-22 from their car auto coverage?

Drivers who are likely to be required to obtain an SR-22 from their car insurance company are those who have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked due to certain traffic violations.

Common infractions that may require an SR-22 include driving under the influence (DUI), driving without proof of car insurance, or accumulating a large number of points on your license for various moving violations.

Drivers in these situations may also be required to carry higher liability car insurance coverage limits than those who have not committed similar infractions.

Can my auto insurance company drop me if I get arrested for DWI?

The answer to this question is yes, your auto insurance company can drop you if you get arrested for DWI.

Even if your company doesn’t require an SR-22, they can still drop you as a customer. An SR-22 is proof of insurance, and it gets filed with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

When you’ve been arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), the DMV may require that you get an SR-22 in order to keep your license or have it reinstated.

If your current auto insurance provider does not require an SR-22, they do have the right to drop you as a customer after learning of your arrest.

What are cheap car insurance alternatives if my car insurer drops me?

If your auto insurance company drops you or does not require an SR-22, there are still a few affordable alternatives with low car insurance rates available.

One option is to look into purchasing non-standard auto insurance. Non-standard auto policies are usually offered by smaller companies and provide more coverage than standard policies at a lower cost.

However, they may also come with some restrictions, such as higher deductibles or coverage limits that are lower than in standard policies. It’s important to carefully review the terms of any non-standard policy before making a purchase decision.

Another alternative is to look into high-risk auto insurance. This type of policy is generally only available to drivers who have had multiple violations or accidents and have been labeled as high-risk by the insurer.

A car insurance premium often will come with a higher cost but may be a good choice for those who have difficulty finding other coverage options due to their driving record.

Many larger insurers also offer low mileage discounts for those who drive less frequently, meaning they can obtain cheaper rates even without being labeled as high-risk drivers.

Drivers may also qualify for discounts if they complete defensive driving courses or install certain safety devices in their vehicles, such as anti-theft systems or automated emergency brakes.

Finally, it may be possible to find some relief through public transportation options such as buses, trains, subways, or ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. Although these types of transportation will not replace auto insurance entirely, they can help reduce the need for owning and maintaining a vehicle while still providing transportation when needed.

How much is car insurance per month in Texas?

The cost of automobile insurance in Texas may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the type of vehicle being insured, the driver’s age, driving history, and other factors. Generally speaking, automotive insurance premiums in Texas are typically around $50 to $200 per month.

However, some drivers may end up paying more or less than this amount depending on the circumstances. To give an example of how these factors can affect pricing: a young driver with no prior accidents or violations will likely pay lower premiums than an older driver with multiple violations or accidents on their record.

Additionally, luxury vehicles tend to incur much higher insurance costs compared to more economical cars. Moreover, certain ZIP codes and areas where crime rates are higher might also lead to more expensive car insurance premiums.

Ultimately, the best way to determine how much car insurance will cost each month is to shop around for quotes from different providers and compare them side by side.

Which is the cheapest auto insurance in Texas?

The cheapest car insurance quotes in Texas will fluctuate daily, maybe even hourly depending on a variety of factors, including the type and amount of coverage you need, your driving history, insurance history, your credit score, as well as the area where you live. Finding the cheapest car insurance companies will be labor intensive, but some drivers might not have an alternative.

It is important to compare rates between various providers to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Generally speaking, some of the cheapest car insurance companies in Texas include Geico, USAA, MetLife, and Progressive.

Geico offers discounts to members of certain organizations or professions such as teachers and military personnel. USAA has great rates for active duty service members and veterans as well as their families.

Metlife provides cheap car insurance along with perks like roadside assistance and accident forgiveness. Lastly, Progressive often offers competitive rates for drivers who have a clean driving record or other incentives such as online payments or bundling policies from multiple vehicles under one plan.

Remember, in Texas, the absolute minimum coverage a driver needs is $30,000 per injured person, up to at least $60,000 per accident. Additionally, Texas drivers must have coverage for property damage of at least $25,000.

Shopping around for the cheapest car insurance company may not be optimal, but it could help you find the cheapest car insurance quotes that meet your short-term needs.

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But is it safe to get cheap car insurance?

It is never a good idea to get cheap car insurance. While it may seem like an attractive option with a poor driving record, as it can save you money in the short term, there are many risks associated with choosing a cheaper policy. Cheap car insurance policies often lack important coverage options and may not provide enough protection in the event of an accident or other incident.

Additionally, some plans won’t cover you if your vehicle is stolen, or if you have large medical bills after an accident.

Furthermore, the customer service offered by cheap car insurance companies may be substandard and in some cases, their claims process could take longer than more expensive policies. All of these issues can leave you without adequate protection should any unforeseen incident occur while driving.

The takeaway is that while it may seem appealing to get cheap car insurance at first glance, making this choice could end up costing more over time due to inadequate coverage, lengthy claims processes, and poor customer service.

Additionally, Texas drivers must have coverage for property damage of at least $25,000.

What is considered a reputable car insurance company?

When it comes to finding a reputable company to buy car insurance, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, the company should be financially stable and have a good track record for paying out claims.

It is also important to research their customer service ratings and reviews. Furthermore, you want to make sure that they offer the coverage you need at an affordable price. The best way to ensure this is by shopping around and comparing various providers first before making your final decision.

Additionally, it is beneficial to read up on any discounts or additional benefits they may provide and if they have extra features like roadside assistance or accident forgiveness. Also, look at their average annual cost. You never know, there may be a discount if you pay your insurance ahead a few months, even annually.

Finally, some companies will require an SR-22 filing in certain circumstances, so it’s good to check ahead of time if that applies to your situation or not.

Is there anyone that can help me pick the right affordable car insurance company?

Make sure to look at customer reviews and ratings, as well as any discounts that may be offered by auto insurance companies. Additionally, consider any additional features or benefits that may be offered with a particular policy such as roadside assistance, rental car coverage, or accident forgiveness.

It can also be helpful to speak with friends and family members who have recently chosen an insurance provider in order to get their opinion on which companies they would recommend.

It is also beneficial to reach out directly to insurance providers via phone or online chat in order to ask questions and clarify any details of policies or coverage options before making a decision on which company you should purchase from.

Additionally, some states require insurers to provide certain types of information such as financial stability reports or complaint data which can give insight into how each company operates and may affect your decision-making process when choosing an insurer.

Overall, taking the time needed when searching for car insurance can ensure that you select the best possible provider for your needs while saving money in the long run by getting the best rate possible from reputable companies with good records of customer satisfaction.

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