What are the Drug Penalty Groups in Texas?

What Is the Texas Controlled Substance Act?

In Texas, there is no room for drug-related infractions—no matter how small they may seem. The Texas Controlled Substances Act of 1973 makes it a criminal offense to possess, produce, or distribute any type of Texas-controlled substances. As delineated in the act itself, these drugs are divided into Schedules according to their potential abuse degree:

Schedule I:

substances with a high potential for abuse that have no currently accepted medical use

Schedule II:

substances with high potential for abuse that can lead to severe physical or psychological dependence, but have accepted medical uses with certain restrictions

Schedule III:

substances with lower potential for abuse but can still lead to low, moderate, or high physical dependence

Schedule IV:

substances with lower potential for abuse that can lead to low physical or psychological dependence

Schedule V:

substances with low potential for abuse that can lead to limited physical or psychological dependence

The potential severity of Penalizing Group 1 offenses:

These include those involving opioids and related substances, which can yield dire consequences. Such acts may be subject to 180 days to two years in prison and a fine up to $10,000 – with this group being the maximum of the Texas penalty groups, extending up to life imprisonment as well as an astronomical fee of $300,000.

In Texas, the consequences for possessing drugs depend on the penalty group and amount. Legislators have identified eight drug groups (PG1, PG1-A, PG-2, PG-2A, PG-3, PG-4 Dangerous Drugs, and Marijuana) which are categorized according to their addictive properties as well as if they serve a legitimate medical purpose or not.

What to do if Caught with a Controlled Substance?

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