Do I Need an Austin Family Attorney?

It depends. If your situation involves divorce, child custody, child support, marriage, or modification of an existing order involving community property, child custody/visitation, or child support, we highly recommend contacting an Austin Family Law Attorney right away.

What is Family Law in Texas?

Texas family law practice and procedure covers an extensive range of topics in family law matters, such as conservatorship, guardianship, premarital agreements, divorce proceedings, custody arrangements, and spousal support.

In addition to this, it includes temporary orders involving termination of parental rights or adoption cases. Drafting guides are also available for various legal forms connected with these matters.

How Do I Find a Family Law Attorney in Austin, TX?

At the Law Offices of RRK, inter alia, we are Austin Family Law Attorneys who have successfully handled hundreds of family law cases from pretrial to trial. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Is it Better to get a Local Family Law Attorney?

Generally, a family law attorney can provide great legal advice and direct knowledge of local laws and customs if they practice in that area. Austin’s family law attorneys are no exception.

If you found the above helpful, please head over to our weekly blog site on our main firm page at the Law Offices of RRK. Thank you for reading.

Alison Housten

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