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What To Do After A Motorcycle Collision In Texas

Motorcycling is a popular pastime amongst millions of people in the US, and understandably so! Motorcycles grant you freedom, excitement, and fun that just cannot be found through driving cars or trucks. It’s essential to understand, though, that riding a motorcycle can leave riders more vulnerable to accidents—which is why they should always know how to appropriately manage them if one were to occur. You don’t want any liability for damages on your end when another vehicle was truly at fault or poor road conditions leading up to it; taking the necessary steps in its aftermath will ensure you receive due compensation for your trouble.



Compared to other types of accidents, motorcycle crashes have a much higher rate of resulting in serious harm or injury.

After a wreck, if you are aware and conscious, the most important step is to swiftly assess yourself as well as anyone else present. Don’t forget to dial 911 right away to make a report! This should route you to the nearest police department. Typically, it will be the city police. So, if you are in a wreck in Austin, it will be Austin Police that will receive a 911 call. Moreover, in case any head or neck injuries may have occurred during the incident, remain still until professional medical assistance arrives, so you don’t worsen those wounds.


Remember, these types of cases can occur anywhere, whether it’s in a parking lot, highway, street, or driveway. Do not make the mistake of trivializing the event because of its locality.


Don’t act as if you can tough it out. Even if the wreck has only left a minor impression on you, it is important that you receive an assessment from a physician or medical facility right away. Insurance providers have been known to use the lack of immediate medical attention as justification for avoiding paying liability claims in cases like this one. So don’t put yourself at risk and get checked out!


It’s essential to consider more than just motorcycle damage when filing for accident compensation. Make sure you note all the additional expenses, such as lost wages due to being unable to work, visiting medical professionals and therapists, and paying for prescriptions and medications – not forgetting travel costs too! Depending on your injuries’ severity, you might have difficulty completing day-to-day tasks over a period of weeks or months while recuperating.

What if Officers Responded and There Was a Fatality?

There is no doubt that motorcycle accidents can be fatal, and the consequences of such a crash can be life-altering. In Austin, Texas, and throughout the United States, these types of accidents are sadly very common and often result in fatalities of the driver or other vehicles involved.

When a motorcycle collision occurs and results in a fatality, there is understandably quite an extensive investigation undertaken by police and other legal authorities. This type of police investigation will typically involve interviews with witnesses and any other people who may have had knowledge of the incident.

The purpose of this is to determine what led to the crash and if any parties were negligent or reckless in their actions. Additionally, driving records for any drivers involved in the incident will usually be reviewed to see if they had prior histories of any traffic violations or other issues that may have caused or contributed to the fatal crash.

If it is determined that one particular party was at fault for causing the fatal motorcycle wreck, they could potentially face criminal charges due to their reckless behavior. These would depend on individual state laws but could include vehicular manslaughter, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), operating while intoxicated or other related offenses depending on what happened during the ordeal.

Moreover, if intoxication is suspected and investigated, the consequences of such a crash can be even more serious. There could be one, or two counts, maybe even multiple counts after the investigation is completed.

When a wreck involving a motorcycle happens, specialized crews are brought in to investigate the scene. These crews look for evidence of intoxication, whether it be from alcohol or drugs, and any other factors that may have caused the wreck. If it is determined that the driver of the motorcycle was drinking or under the influence at the time of the crash, then they will likely be charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Intoxication manslaughter carries severe penalties, including prison sentences and high fines, so it should always be taken seriously. It’s important for drivers to understand their legal rights and obligations when operating a motorcycle on a public road, and to always practice safe driving habits to avoid being involved in an accident—especially one involving intoxication.

Those found guilty could also face civil suits brought against them by those affected by their negligence, as well as hefty fines imposed by legal authorities.

In most cases where a vehicle has crashed into a rider, and they are killed due to another party’s negligence, family members of the deceased may decide to take legal action against those responsible for wrongful death damages incurred from medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages from work missed due to injury or death, loss of companionship and emotional distress associated with the incident.

In order to pursue such a case successfully, it’s important for family members to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney with knowledge regarding personal injury claims resulting from fatal motorcycle accidents in Austin and throughout Texas.

It’s important for anyone involved in a motorcycle crash involving fatalities to be aware of their potential legal rights after such an event occurs so that judgment can be made as best as possible according to applicable state laws.

If you live in Austin or anywhere else within Texas and have been affected detrimentally by a fatal motorcycle crash, then consider seeking professional legal advice from an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury claims-related crashes like these as soon as possible after such an event occurs.

Doing so could help ensure your family receives financial compensation for your losses due to another person’s negligence, which can help ease some of your burdens during this difficult time period.


Insurance providers don’t strive to provide generous settlements; instead, their purpose is to make sure that recipients accept the lowest possible compensation.

If it is not your fault, the insurance company of the other party might attempt to convince you to accept a settlement while waiving your right to file a lawsuit. This could be because they understand that you may need money after being involved in a wreck and would take whatever offer comes first. However, this can oftentimes be a huge mistake as there’s likely compensation you are entitled to which will go unclaimed if you do so.

At the Law Offices of RRK, we are passionate about upholding justice and protecting those affected by motorcycling accidents due to careless or unlawful drivers. We strive to provide only the best care and representation for all injured people in Austin and across Texas.

The safety and security of our community are paramount to us; therefore, if you experience difficulties resulting from a motorcycle crash caused by another party’s negligence, please don’t hesitate to call (512) 436-2779 or contact us online for your free case review with one of our expert attorneys today!

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